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Will Shine

I made up a short playlist including eight songs that have won my heart. Click on the picture to take you to the mix.


The Rebecca West – Lost and Found

Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken – From You To Me

Vespers – Melatonin Rum

Mnemonic Sounds – Habits

Steve Moakler – False Alarms

Handsome and Gretyl – Fighter

Boy & Bear – Blood to Gold

Jhameel – How Many Lovers

If you love these songs, be sure to check out more from the artists. There’s lots more where that came from.

The cover art is a photo taken by the wonderful Kristen Barker of Kristen Lynn Photographie.

I hope you like listening.


Under the Covers

We all have our favorite covers of those epic songs you can never stop singing. It always seems like every couple of years there comes a song that everyone has to cover. Some make it their own and some don’t do the song any justice at all. Below are my all time favorite covers. It took me so long to develop a list of ten songs because narrowing it down to only ten was a huge task for me. Enjoy my favorite covers and if you fall in love with them as much as I have, follow the link to the artist’s page to learn more about the artist “under” the cover.

1. Laura Jansen – Use Somebody (original: Kings of Leon)

2. Iron & Wine – Such Great Heights (original: The Postal Service)

3. The Long Winters – Give Me All Your Lovin’ (original: ZZ Top)

4. A.A. Bondy – I’m On Fire (original: Bruce Springsteen)

5. Smashing Pumpkins – Landslide (original: Fleetwood Mac)

6. Bon Iver – Come Talk to Me (original: Peter Gabriel)

7. Ryan Adams – Wonderwall (original: Oasis)

8. Serena Ryder & The Beauties – The Funeral (original: Band of Horses)

9. Stevie Nicks – Crash Into Me (original: Dave Matthews Band)

10. Rogue Wave – Everyday (original: Buddy Holly)


Two Sides To Everything

This playlist was created with the intention of showcasing some amazing bands and artists. Each one featured was hand picked by me simply because I love their music. In the 80’s, it was popular to make mixtapes either for yourself or to giveaway. The cassette had two sides and typically had an overall theme. Here is a “mixtape” from me to you. One side featuring some amazing singer/songwriters and the other side showcasing some very talented bands on the rise. I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together for you. Take a listen to each track and if you love what you hear, please click on their names which will take you to their website.

Side One:

Sam Harrison – Lonely People

Kathryn Ostenberg – Who Really Knows

The Bears of Blue River – Bubblegum

Hello Bear – An Exquisite Year For Charm

Jenna Bryson – Me Minus You

Electric Owls – Morir Aqui

Side Two:

The Great Valley – Wrecking Ball

Stay Golden – Tip Top

White Rose – This Town Will Do For Now

Uh-Huh Baby Yeah – Sweet Summer

Simple As Surgery – The Best Part of Me

They’ve Shot Flanigan – The Communicants

L’Amour Toujours

  1. Noah East – Greater Love
  2. Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla
  3. Wintersleep – Dead Letter & The Infinite Yes
  4. Andrew Belle – Make It Without You
  5. Beirut – Nantes
  6. Blind Pilot – Paint Or Pollen
  7. Bon Iver – Flume
  8. Civalias – Anything But You
  9. The Damnwells – Golden Days
  10. Great Lake Swimmers – Your Rocky Spine
  11. The Good Life – The Competition
  12. Jesse Thomas – Shine
  13. Josh Ritter – The Temptation Of Adam
  14. Lex Land – Countless Songs
  15. Melpo Mene – I Adore You
  16. Ola Podrida – The New Science
  17. Right Away Great Captain – I’m Not Ready To Forgive You
  18. Rosi Golan – Been A Long Day
  19. Sara Bareilles – Hold My Heart
  20. Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s – Broad Ripple Is Burning

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