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Swear and Shake

New York based band, Swear and Shake, are a force to be reckoned with. Although they’re new kids on the block, they have received numerous high fives for their work on their EP, Extended Play. Members of the band, Tom Elefante, Kari Spieler, Adam McHeffey, and Shaun Savage are currently working on the first full-legnth album, but took some time out to perform a song for Sounds That Matter. Here they are singing These White Walls.

For more information on the band, click on the picture to take you to their website.


A Lanky Swede

You may recognize Ola Kluft from former band, The Perishers, however most recently Ola has gone solo working on his own project. Moving his whole life to Vancouver, he has been hard at work on his album, Soon Soon Soon. His music celebrates honesty, laments loneliness, and expresses love, and it’s exquisitely beautiful. Here is Ola performing, Follow My Heart.

For more information on A Lanky Swede, follow this link.


The Rebecca West

Photo by: Brooke Schwab Shepard

Duo’s are common in the music scene these days and in order to get noticed in the bunch, you have to stand out. Married couple, Cameron Dezen Hammon and Matt Hammon, are a duo that do stand out. Their pure talent accompanied with passion, love, and dedication is something that is often hard to portray, but to them it comes naturally. Currently living in Houston, Texas, the couple are collaborating to create music that you can’t hear everywhere else. The love that they share is as clear as day and their music tells the story. Here they are performing, You Have Loved Me So Well. For more information on them, click here.


Elk and Boar

When two talented musicians come together and make music, the end result usually tends to be beautiful. Travis Barker and Kirsten Wenlock came together recently and created Elk and Boar. The two are incredibly gifted artists who make music your ears can easily fall head over heels for. They just recently released their first full-length album, Room to Start, which is a collection of ten songs that will leave you wanting more. Here they are performing the title track, Room to Start.

For more information on Elk and Boar, click here. Also, if you love this song and would like to download their entire album, follow this link.

Justin Soileau

Justin Soileau is a talented artist currently living in Orange County, CA. His music reminds me of a mix between Josh Ritter and M. Ward, which is a pretty great blend of simplicity. His current EP, The Heat, is available via iTunes and although there are only six songs, each one has a great mix of pop and indie. Here is Justin’s performance of Oak Tree.

For more information on Justin Soileau, visit his website here.

Victoria Clemmons

A talented young lady from Los Angeles, CA, Victoria Clemmons is full of life. When she sings, the passion shows as clear as day. Her EP is soon to be released and she is here to show the world the emmense amount of talent she is full of. Here is she singing, When Flowers Bloom.

To read more about Victoria and hear another one of her songs, click here.

Jess Penner

You can’t help but smile when you hear Jess Penner sing. Her music is completely infectious and I cannot get enough of it. Her current album, Growing In The Cold, is composed of songs that range from sweet and quirky, to heartfelt and moving. Jess sat down recently and did a special acoustic performance. Here is Jess singing, Built to Break.

For more information on Jess Penner, visit her website here.

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