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I’m a Midwest girl who adores music. Growing up in Chicago led me to hear all types of sounds coming from all over the city. I grew up with musicians all around me and have a deep infatuation for music that is unheard. I desire to showcase artists and bands that have not yet gotten their golden ticket to radio play.

Don’t get me wrong, I like some songs played on the radio stations, however I love music that you can’t hear everywhere else. My goal here is to feature new bands that haven’t quite exploded on the scene yet. My hope is that my opinion on these artists somehow make a difference with what you buy at your local record store or add to a playlist. All of the artists featured are dear to my heart and I truly mean it when I say I am in love with their hard work, their music, and their dedication.

  1. Hello,

    I found your website through a link from Mike Mains and the Branches. I sing and play guitar in a band from California called The Devious Means, and had the opportunity to play with them out in California a few weeks ago. They are truly wonderful people and I really enjoyed your interview with them.

    I would love to e-mail you our new EP, which is due out in a few short weeks (February 15th) and see if it is something you might be interested in sharing with your readers. We recorded it in 6 days with Jason Martin of Starflyer 59. The songs are the result of hard work and time that we have all given and have influences ranging from The Arcade Fire and Mates of State to The Go Team and The Hush Sound.

    Thanks for considering, and keep up the great work!

    Christopher Faris
    The Devious Means

  2. Hey there,

    I really dig yer blog (found you through twitter) and I’m reaching out to my favorite sources for new music and send you some new songs my band just finished. We’re a Silver Lake/Echo Park band called Maxim Ludwig & The Santa Fe Seven and we’re gearing up for a bunch of dates and a Hotel Cafe sponsored showcase at SXSW. We’re really trying to get the word out there and spread the new tunes around (they’re at the top of the link I sent). Thanks for checking it out.

    Maxim Ludwig

    please go here for the downloads

  3. Hey Crystal,

    Thanks for blogging about good indie music. Us indie musicians really appreciate the stuff people like you do for us.

    ~ Jonathon

    p.s. The logo for your blog is killer.

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