Aaron and Andrew

I truly love introducing new artists/bands on my site. Being able to show the world the type of music that I find and love is such an honor. When I come across a band that I just cannot get enough of, they end up here. I knew Aaron and Andrew would be the perfect fit on Sounds That Matter. Their music is perfect for any mood you’re in. Their recent release, To Be Brave, is a mix of compelling lyrics, unique arrangements, and harmonies you won’t be able to get enough of. They’re two completely talented individuals who are living out their dream. One of the great things about their music is that no matter how often you listen, you find something new to love each time. What’s inspiring about Aaron and Andrew is that they both strive to write lyrics that truly come from their hearts. Falling in love with an artist’s music is simple; I hope you enjoy these two.

Here is their song, Rescue Me.

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