Mike Mains & the Branches – The Emerson Indianapolis

Last night, I was able to see Mike Mains & the Branches play live at The Emerson here in Indianapolis. I was filled with excitement because they’re one of the bands I’ve been listening to on repeat for the past few months. Their current album, Home, is comprised of so many great songs, it’s hard to believe anyone not being a fan of theirs.

As I walked into The Emerson, I was surprised to see that there weren’t many people there. It might have been because people tend to come to shows later to see the main act, which you may assume was Mike Mains & the Branches, however, to my surprise they were not.

When Mike Mains & the Branches got on stage to start playing their set, my friend Wesley and I made our way to the front. Typically, this is what you would do when a band is beginning to play. In my years of concert going, I’ve learned that even if you’re not too fond of the bands music, you should give them a little support by surrounding the stage. I can’t assume that everyone that was at the show last night was not a fan of theirs, but I can say that there was definitely a lack of support for the band. Song after song, I was completely enthralled with their performance. They gave everything they had to the crowd, or lack there of. You would have thought they were performing for a sold out crowd. My friend that was with me didn’t have much knowledge of their music beforehand, but as soon as we left the show he told me that their performance was phenomenal, and I would have to agree with him.

I was frustrated last night to see such a lack of support from the people in the building. When a band is on stage, giving everything they have to you, the music lover, you should give them something back, which in this case would be your attention. I had the opportunity of talking with Mike Mains and the rest of the band and I apologized to them about the response they were given while playing. Completely humble, they didn’t seem to mind. They’re doing what they love to do and performing for two people or a room full of people, they are still fulfilling their dream.

I’d love to see them play again. I’m hoping the next time they are in Indianapolis they are able to play at a different venue and maybe the show can be promoted better.

Until then, I’ll continue to listen to their record on repeat.

If you would like to know more about Mike Mains & the Branches and hear a song by them, click here.

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