Dear Musicians

Tonight, I got to thinking about all of the bands I’ve had the privilege of interviewing on this site so far. For so long I’ve thought about being able to surround myself in music and now that I’m doing it, I feel complete. Some people have a stigma about what they think most musicians are like; they’re complete douchebags or all they care about is making money or adding more notches to their bedposts. Maybe some are like that, but I have yet to come across one. Every artist that I’ve spoken to has inspired me in some way or another. The reason I’ve featured them is because their music has caught my attention. I wanted to make this post more of a thank you letter to every musician I’ve come across so far and maybe in some way, people’s assumptions about musicians will change. So, here it goes.

I cannot thank you enough. I know all you did was either answer a few of my boring questions or recorded yourself singing one of your songs, but to me it’s much more than that. Your music has made me the person I am today. Here comes the mushy part. My life has been a complete rollercoaster, having way more drops than one ride should have. If it weren’t for your songs, I may not be here today. Through all of the heartbreaks, your music healed the broken parts. Through the deaths, your music brought me back to life. You are what makes the world go around. From the bottom of my heart, I am so appreciative for your courage to write down your emotions for all the world to see.

Your music will always put a smile on my face.



    • Shannon Kelly
    • April 28th, 2011

    Thank you. I think there are MANY people who don’t understand musicians. Often times they are family members. As a mother of one, I thank you for your kind words. May He bless and keep you.

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