In Reverie

"Lineups and aspirations change, venues come and go, people stop coming to shows. It's the ones that stick it out and have faith in themselves and the music scene that make it in this business and get rewarded in the end."

It’s no secret that I keep my eye on bands emerging from the great city of Chicago. Lots of bands coming out of the city have made a name for themselves and this band has that same aspiration. Members Marc McClure (vocals/guitar), Adam Sohr (guitar), Scott Smith (bass), and Ty Del Rose (drums),  all had their fair share of hurdles to cross, but with that came a strong sense of knowing what they wanted to do with their lives. I had the opportunity of getting to know these guys a little more and asked Marc McClure and Ty Del Rose a few questions.

Q. What was the inspiration behind forming your band?

A. Adam had gotten together with our original drummer and bassist, worked on a few demos and then contacted me to take over singing duties because I was moving back home at the time.

Q. Have there been many lineup changes in the past before you got to your current members?

A. Yes. Adam and myself are the only original members. Scott is the third bassist we’ve had and Tyler, the third drummer. We’ve had our share of ups and downs and people coming and going but we feel everything has worked out for the best. This is definitely the best, most solid lineup this band has ever had.

Q. Are there any songs on the radio that you love, but have a hard time admitting you love?

A. I’m usually not too shy about any type of music I like, but I do know that Adam is a closet Bieber fanatic. Don’t tell anyone I told you that.

Q. If you could open for one of your all time favorite bands, who would it be and why?

A. For me, I’d have to say Jimmy Eat World and/or Bayside. They’re my two favorite bands. Not only are they great songwriters and musicians, but also they’ve been around for so long and have made it on their own terms, something that I greatly respect and is seemingly hard to come by these days. Sharing the stage with either would be a dream come true.

Tyler- Even though they’re too big for opening acts nowadays, I would really love to open for Rush someday, because they are one of the most talented rock bands of all time and Neil Peart is the reason I am a drummer let alone a musician today, so it would be a pretty amazing reward.

Q. If a record company approached your band and wanted to change things, such as image and song melodies, how would you deal with that?

A. We wouldn’t. We’re very adamant about keeping control over what we create. If someone else were doing the work for, it just wouldn’t be fun or worth it anymore.

Q. If you had to cover one song that would suit your band the most, which song would it be?

A. We’ve had “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World in our set over the past couple months. It’s a fun song by a great band, so I’ll go with that for now.

Q. In what ways could In Reverie become even better than what it is now?

A. We think the most important thing that we can do is to always try new things and grow as people and as a band. We just started the writing process for our new record and there’s so many new and awesome ideas floating around. When we did the first EP, we kind of just cranked it all out in a 3-week span. We’re taking the longer, more involved route with this one, and it’s exciting. One of the things I absolutely love about playing in this band is that we’re not content with writing the same stuff over and over again. We’re excited to see how it all comes together.

Q. If you could plan your own tour, at no expense to you, what would be included and who would the other bands be on the bill?

A. I’d definitely love to do a co-headlining tour with our friends in Up From The Wormwood. They’re an extremely talented band and awesome, genuine people. Jimmy (singer/guitarist for UFTW) has been one of my good friends for years and we’ve kind of grown together as songwriters and musicians. So, if we ever got the chance to make that happen I think it would be an awesome time.

Q. Being a band from Chicago, do you feel that there is a lot of opportunity for your band to gain exposure?

A. Definitely.

Tyler- I feel that as long as we continue to have faith in ourselves and our fans continue to have faith in the scene, we can definitely get pretty far. Lineups and aspirations change, venues come and go, people stop coming to shows. It’s the ones that stick it out and have faith in themselves and the music scene that make it in this business and get rewarded in the end. I’ve been playing drums for over a decade and I have a lot of drive and passion in what I do. I feel that as long as In Reverie sticks together we can make big things happen.

Q. If you were stranded on an island for the rest of your life and could only bring one of your songs to listen to, which one would it be and why?

A. Probably “Sad Song” because it was the first song we ever started working on as a band.

Tyler- I would also have to go with “Sad Song”, because when I used to see In Reverie live before I joined the band that was always the song that grabbed my attention. It’s really powerful and has a nice beat to it and it’s fun to play live. It was actually the first song of ours that I learned to play, so I would probably choose that one, as it was the song that started it all for me.

Here’s their song, “Sad Song”  from their current EP, “Happiness, Heartbreak, and Somewhere In Between.”

The End.

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