The Damnwells CD Giveaway

Today is a very special day in music and one that fans of The Damnwells have been waiting quite some time for. “No One Listens to the Band Anymore” was released for the world to hear and personally, I couldn’t be happier with the entire record. The best thing about this record is that it couldn’t have been made without their fans. Money was raised on a great site called Pledge Music and with that a fantastic record was made. When I received the CD in the mail, a special note from the guys was included:

“Thank you! What you now possess is the musical manifestation of the incredible support and love you have shown this little band from Brooklyn, NY. The Damnwells has now become a part of your life as much as our music has been a part of yours. This record would literally not exist without your support. I wish there was a way to shake hands with or hug-depending on your preference-each and every one of you. Your support has ensured that we can continue to do what we love. It’s amazing. Your transformation from fan to patron is now complete. You are The Damnwells. Love, Alex and Ted”

I purchased this CD in hopes that it would land in the hands of someone who appreciates music, but also appreciates bands like The Damnwells, “a little band from Brooklyn, NY.”

Here are the instructions to insure you have a chance of winning this special autographed CD:

Answer this one question: How has The Damnwells music changed your life?

If you’re on Twitter, mention @STMCrystal with a response to the question.

Example: “@STMCrystal @thedamnwells music has changed my life because____.”

Facebook users, head over to the Sounds That Matter Facebook page, “Like” the page and post the answer to the question.

If, and only if, you do not use Facebook or Twitter, comment on this post with your answer.

The contest will end on Saturday, March 19. I will choose the best answer and notify the winner on Sunday, March 20. I would love the winner to take a photo of themselves along with the CD, so I can showcase the lucky winner.

Good luck and long live great music.

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