"We feel super blessed to make a living as artists."

I first heard of Vedera’s music while watching an episode of The Hills. While getting my weekly addiction in, I heard a song playing in the background that instantly made me want to know who this band was. As I continued to watch, I found out it was Vedera, a band signed to major record label Epic. Their CD, Stages, played on repeat for the next week. Forming in 2004, members Kristen May (vocals, guitar, keys), Jason Douglas (bass), Brian Little (guitar), and Drew Little (drums), have opened for big name acts and toured all over the country. Their music is heartfelt and Kristen’s vocals are authentic, powerful, and something you can’t get enough of. I recently interviewed Kristen and she gave a little insight about who the band is.

Q. You guys formed in 2004. What was the turning point when you realized that your band was going to become successful?

A. We’ve always tried to take things a day at a time but I think signing to Epic made us feel like the stakes were raised a bit.

Q. Your first name for the band was “Veda” but you had to change it. Why did you decide on the name Vedera?

A. We found out there was a band in LA with the name Veda so we decided to change it by adding the word era.  A new “era” of Veda…Vedera.

Q. What are some of the bands hopes for the future?

A. To keep doing what we love and build on it. We feel super blessed to make a living as artists.

Q. You released your last album, “Stages” in 2009. Any plans on recording new music and releasing a new album?

A. We are currently recording our new album and hopefully it will be released in 2011.

Q. Kristen, you went to college to study music, but left soon after. Why did you make the decision to stop?

A. I wasn’t into the structure of music school but was writing a lot at the time. I decided I could start a band in Kansas City so I moved back home and that’s what I did!

Q. Your band was featured on an episode of “The Hills”. Do you feel like that was a huge stepping-stone in your guys’ career?

A. That gave us a lot more attention for sure. It was a great experience and MTV has been pretty cool to us.

Q. Who are some of the bands musical influences?

A. Coldplay, The Sundays, U2, Radiohead, Doves, The Cardigans, The Cranberries.

Q. You’ve opened for some major names in the music business such as All American Rejects, MuteMath, and Eisley. Is there a band you haven’t opened for, but dream to someday?

A. This is an endless list…Coldplay, Fleetwood Mac reunion, Doves, Travis, Train, Bjork. Thankfully we’ve been blessed with touring so it will be interesting to see what the next year has to offer.

Q. What are some of the things that inspire you to write such meaningful lyrics?

A. Love, love lost, faith, desire, dreams, hope, failures, the human condition.

Q. If you were stranded on an island for the rest of your life and could only bring one song to listen to, which one would it be and why?

A. Blue by Joni Mitchell

Enjoy “A World Apart” off of “Stages.”

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