The Great Valley

"We had our first lesson and decided we wanted to do it for the rest of our lives."

The Great Valley consists of two brothers, Louis & Nick Matos. The boys grew up in a musically gifted home and learned to love music from an early age. Since forming the band, they have been noticed by many, including an AOL executive who teamed up with the band for a feature on The two brothers share great harmonies and major talent. When I first came across this band, I instantly noticed the amount of talent they shared and the catchy hooks they sang. Nick and Louis Matos are here to stay and the music world welcomes them with open arms.

Q. You two are brothers. When did you realize you wanted to start a band together?

A. In August of 1999 our parents asked us if we wanted to take music lessons.  We had our first lesson and decided we wanted to do it for the rest of our lives.  Stoked to have their support!

Q. What significance does the name “The Great Valley” hold?

A. It has deep meaning for us. Not only does it signify our relationship with our parents but it holds the place that we want to take this dream.

Q. Who do you guys dream of opening for someday?

A. Nick: I would want to open for either kings of Leon or GWAR! hahaha.

Louis: I agree with King of Leon. Blink and or Green Day would rule too.

Q. If you guys could give one piece of advice to a band just starting out, what would it be?

A. Nick: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Don’t let anyones laziness get in the way.

Louis: and NEVER give up!

Q. What has been the biggest challenge in your music career so far?

A. Getting our music out to the public was a huge struggle for us. Now that it’s out the ball has been rolling fast, haha. It’s been wild so far.

Q. You guys have an EP out called ‘Wrecking Ball.’ What was one of the most fun songs to record?

A. Wrecking ball was the most fun. It was the most recent song we wrote on that record and really showcased how far we’d come.

Q. The title track off of the EP was also made into a video. How was your first experience making a music video?

A. Exhausting! We started at 7 in the morning and didn’t wrap up until around 8 at night. It all went smooth. Made some new friends and the crew laugh.

Q. Where do you guys hope to be by this time next year?

A. Touring full time with a full length record! Making new friends and fans!

Q. Who are some of your musical influences?

A. Blink 182, New Found Glory, Kenny from TSL, Notorious BIG, Boys Night Out. Ya know, the usual haha.

Q. If you were stranded on an island for the rest of your life and could only bring one of your songs to listen to, which one would it be and why?

A. Louis: A brand new one called, “Me, Myself & Time” because I’ll be spending a lot of time talking to myself, haha.

Nick: “Above the City” because in the first pre-chorus there are island like bells. ( I forget what they are called). If I’m on an island why not stay true to the sound! Hah!

Here is a song I think you’ll like called, “Wrecking Ball.”

The End.

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