The Fireship – Elbo Room Chicago

Saturday night, I went to the Elbo Room in Chicago to check out The Fireship. As they took the stage, all dressed as Yanni for Halloween, I couldn’t wait to hear their first song. They began the show hard hitting and full of energy. Each member visibly excited to be playing for such a packed audience. Each song was catchy and the audience all seemed to love what they were hearing. I looked around only to find that so many people were singing along with Nicholas Paul, the lead singer of the band. How come I have not heard of this band before? Everything about their live show was pretty spectacular. Being a smaller venue, my only complaint about the show was that the sound wasn’t the best and at some points, it was hard to hear the singing.

Overall, the band played their hearts out for crowd of many. They ended their set with their single, “Ferdinandea” which is extremely catchy and a perfect song to end on. The Fireship is on the rise and being able to see them at a small venue right now is a treat. Soon enough their ticket will be the hottest ticket in town.

Look for an interview with Nicholas Paul to be posted soon!

To learn more about The Fireship and hear a song by them, click here.

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