The Rocket Summer

"And how at first it’s made so pure and lovely, but in battle can be torn to shreds. But with time and with patience and love and affection can be fixed with needle and thread. Because I love you and you love me"

The Rocket Summer is one of those bands that stick in your mind for a very long time. The music is contagious, the lyrics are meaningful, and the amount of talent that Bryce Avary has is beyond comparable to anything on the scene right now.

Bryce Avary is the man behind The Rocket Summer. Not only does Bryce write all of his own music, but he also plays every instrument and produces every song on each of his albums. So far, he has released four studio albums, his newest being ‘Of Men and Angels.’ On October 19th, Bryce will be releasing ‘Of Men and Angels B-Sides EP’ which many of his fans, including me, are looking forward to. Frankly, it’s hard to believe there are such things as B-sides when it comes to The Rocket Summer.

Bryce’s music has gotten me through many tough times. If you’re looking for music to inspire you, look no further.

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