Jimmy Eat World – Invented

I was nervous to listen to Jimmy Eat World’s newest record because I had really high expectations that it was going to be great. I didn’t want to be let down and dislike a record from one of my favorite bands. As I pushed play on the first track, “Heart Is Hard To Find”, and heard the first few notes out of Jim Adkins mouth, my heart sank. I didn’t think it sounded like their original sound at all. As I kept listening I realized that I was wrong. A huge smile came across my face and I started tapping along to the beat of the song. This is the Jimmy Eat World that I’m used to. The band that I have loved for years now. The lyrics, vocals, and melodies were exactly on point throughout the entire record. It’s rare when you buy a CD and you don’t skip any songs. Since getting the record yesterday, I’ve listened to it on repeat at least five times. One of my favorite tracks is, “Higher Devotion”. The song is catchy, upbeat, and the lyrics are well-written (which isn’t surprising when it comes to this band.)

I wasn’t a big fan of the album, “Chase This Light”. I didn’t feel as if it did the band any justice. There were a few good songs, but overall it just wasn’t anything I wanted to continue listening to. When I heard they were releasing a new CD, I was excited, but cautious, hoping that it wouldn’t sound anything like their last CD and I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t. I feel like Jimmy Eat World went back to their roots with this one. ‘Invented’ is a masterpiece and I guarantee that my IPod won’t be the only one playing it on repeat for the next few weeks.

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