I discovered Passenger today while clicking around on the internet, searching for music to get me through my work day. I clicked play on the title track song “Flight of the Crow” and the first note that I heard instantly grabbed my attention. There is something about voices that can soothe you and make you feel like everything in the world is okay.

At this moment, Passenger is sharing their entire album, “Flight of the Crow” with everyone. It won’t take long for this bands talent to spread like a wildfire. Below is a link you can click on to stream the entire album. Kick back with a drink and enjoy the sounds of Passenger.

    • Angie
    • September 14th, 2010

    Nice discovery! I just listened to “Blood Stains” and fell in love. The voices, the melodies, the entire package is just so hauntingly beautiful. I noticed that they did this song with Katie Noonan, who I just checked out as well. So, not only did you lead me to one more band to add to my playlist, you led me to two. Love it!

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